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To those interested in exploring Hokkaido,

Hello! We’re exporters specializing in products that showcase the beauty of Hokkaido’s nature, rich culinary offerings, and diverse activities. Here are some highlights that we believe capture the essence of what makes Hokkaido truly special:

  1. Fresh Hokkaido Ingredients: Hokkaido boasts an abundance of fresh and high-quality agricultural and seafood products. Our goods reflect the deliciousness of Hokkaido’s culinary scene.

  2. Local Specialties: We curate unique items using local ingredients, offering a taste of Hokkaido’s distinct flavors and traditions.

  3. Traditional Hokkaido Flavors: Our products incorporate the traditional dishes and culinary culture of Hokkaido, providing a genuine and unique culinary experience.

  4. Diverse Activity Recommendations: Explore the four seasons of Hokkaido with a range of activities. From skiing and snowmobiling in winter to trekking and outdoor adventures in summer, there’s something for every nature enthusiast.

  5. Online Purchases Available: Enjoy Hokkaido’s delectable ingredients from the comfort of your home with our convenient online purchase options. A simple click brings the flavors of Hokkaido to your doorstep.

  6. Perfect Souvenirs for Travel and Activities: Our products make ideal souvenirs, capturing the essence of Hokkaido’s landscapes and activities. They serve as memorable tokens from your Hokkaido journey.

We’re thrilled to share the unique experiences and flavors of Hokkaido with you. If you have any questions or specific requests, feel free to reach out. We look forward to being of service. Thank you!

Why Choose Us​


When companies in Hokkaido expand into the international market, it is crucial to leverage the characteristics and strengths of the region and formulate strategies tailored to the needs of the international market.


Hokkaido Main

We exclusively deal with products and services related to Hokkaido.



Translation and interpretation tasks are primarily handled by native speakers as part of our services.



We have numerous collaborative partners, not only within Japan but also internationally.


We’re here to spread the beauty and charm of Hokkaido worldwide. Through carefully selected Hokkaido products and activities, we offer an authentic Japanese experience.

Global Market Insights: We thoroughly research overseas markets to find where your business can shine. We’ll showcase the full allure of Hokkaido.

E-commerce Platform Selection: Choosing the ideal E-commerce platform for your selected market, we build websites that convey the magic of Hokkaido.

Cultural Customization and Localization: Tailoring products and content to local cultures and languages, you’ll experience the rich atmosphere of Hokkaido.

Strategic Marketing Execution: Leveraging digital advertising, social media, SEO, and more, we enhance your presence in the global market.

Continuous Monitoring and Optimization: Our support goes beyond launch. We track results, analyze data, and optimize strategies for sustained success in your target market.

Make your brand a part of the global Hokkaido experience. Feel free to reach out with questions or inquiries. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together! We look forward to hearing from you!


1.Enhancing Customer Support: We strive to provide prompt responses to inquiries and issues, aiming to elevate customer satisfaction.

2.Collecting Feedback: Gathering opinions and evaluations from customers, we use this valuable input for continuous improvements in our products and services.

3.Promoting Repeat Business: Offering perks and promotions to our loyal customers, we encourage repeat purchases, thereby enhancing customer loyalty.


The expanding e-commerce market demands a strategic digital approach when venturing into overseas markets. We leverage cutting-edge technology to seamlessly bring the best of Hokkaido to a global audience